Describe items you are selling. (Example - jewelry, cloths, knives, fried pig skins, or hamburgers & fries from food truck)
If Electricity is needed - Please list items using power.

• Upon arrival you must check in on Main Street in Meadville, MS


• Arts, crafts, antiques, live plants, collectibles, clothes, food, and accessories may be displayed and sold. Items do not have to be handmade.

• Canopies, merchandise and setups for booths must be erected within the exhibitor’s space.

• The HRF, Town of Meadville, or FC Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for security of the exhibits.

• Exhibitors may begin setting up at 7:00 AM on Saturday. You must maintain your booth until at least 5 PM that afternoon. You are welcome to maintain your booth until the closing.

• Each exhibitor shall maintain and leave their space in a neat and clean manner.

• Vendor booth rental is non-refundable.

• No Drinks to be sold or donated by vendors.

• All applications are subject to approval.

• All applicants using electricity must complete the form with a list of electrical items that will be used. Example: lights, crock pot, flat grill, refrigeration units, AC unit...

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